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Motherhood Flow with Hannah Gill | VBAC Doula and Birth Educator

Hannah Gill | VBAC Mom, VBAC Doula, and Childbirth Educator. Your go-to VBAC podcast with a bit of the ebbs and flows of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood.

Welcome to Motherhood Flow, your go-to parenting podcast with a good mix of VBAC preparation tips and VBAC birth stories. While I focus heavily on VBAC and prevention of unnecessary c-sections, you can bet I'll be discussing topics from preconception to birth, to mothering toddlers and navigating your relationship after children, I cover it all here.

Get ready for insightful conversations, expert interviews, and personal stories. Motherhood Flow is your space to walk through birth and motherhood on your terms, ensuring you're not just going with the flow but being an active participant in your own story. 

On this podcast you'll get some input and advice on questions like these:

- What is a VBAC?
- Can I have a VBAC?
- How can I avoid a c-section?
- How can I find a VBAC supportive provider?
- Will having a c-section impact breastfeeding?
- How to prepare for an unmedicated birth?
- Is home birth safe?
- How can I have a low intervention hospital birth?
- What are my birth rights?
- How to heal from birth trauma?
- What can I do to make the transition from one to two kids easier?
- How does acupuncture help fertility and overall wellness?
- What is uterine rupture and what is the risk of uterine rupture?
- Can I have a VBAC after multiple c-sections (VBA2C, VBA3C)?
- Can I have a home birth after cesarean (HBAC)?
- Should I have labor induced?

And you'll hear a range of birth stories including:

- VBAC birth stories
- HBAC birth stories
- Home birth stories
- Free birth and unassisted birth stories
- Low intervention hospital birth stories
- Traumatic birth stories and discussion of birth trauma
- Unmedicated birth stories

Some of the experts you'll hear me talk to include:

- Doulas
- Childbirth educators
- Acupuncturists
- Chiropractors
- Lactation Consultants
- Doctors
- Midwives
- Nurses
- Pelvic floor therapists

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I'm Hannah Gill, mother of two, VBAC mom, VBAC doula, and birth educator. I have a passion for helping women learn about and prepare for VBAC and take ownership of their birth experience. You can learn more about me and the services I offer at or on Instagram at @thehannahgill.

Please remember that this podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It should not be considered a substitute for medical advice.

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